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Grasslands Getaway abounds LBJ National Grasslands and an ideal get away for hiker, biker, horse-rider, hunter, naturalist photographer, fishermen, or over-stressed human. With accommodations for people and their horses, Grasslands Getaway offers miles of equestrian trails and nature walks

Riders of all skill level will appreciate and enjoy the grassland's well maintained and endless trails, with lots of Texas fresh air.

Winter Riding
Winter is generally mild with a few cold snaps, but lots of in-between-days of 50+ degree riding, actually some of the best riding!

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Each room has a private bath and access to the Central Room where you enjoy socializing or watching a movie. The remote and private setting lends intimacy to the inn which offers three bedrooms. We also have a full size fridge, gas grill, and a microwave for prepping meals.

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The sprawling tree over the porch invites you to picnic a meal on the porch or relax under the Milky Way - a perfect ending of a picture-perfect day! The porch overlooks the rolling hills of the pasture, surrounding, wooded landscape, and a pond stocked with catfish can almost guarantee a beautiful Texas sunset every night.

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For horse-owners, spacious corrals in which to contain your horses overnight, the next day simply saddle and ride because we are adjacent to the LBJ National Grasslands! Two of the marked trails (white & red) are located across the road.  No trailering to enjoy hundreds of trails.

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Texas weather is conducive to outdoor, recreational activities year-through. Our spring and fall are exceptional and long-lived. The wildflower carpet changes every 2-3 weeks along the trails and lasts for at least 3 months. Because of the tree cover in the park and the elevations, fall colors are splendid. Morning and evening riding is recommended in the heat of the summer.